5 reasons why your libido is down


5 reasons why your libido is down

Libido never stays constant claim escorts Athens, so it is important to know why it is down!

Let’s start with the assumption that it is completely normal for there to be changes in our erotic mood. They happen regardless of whether we are in a relationship or not and usually have an explanation.

The goal is to find the root of low libido so we can do something about it. Lack of sleep, for example, can cause other problems, so it is good to know what is causing the change in our mood for sex. The causes can be physical, psychological, or both. In any case, there are solutions, as long as we want to rediscover our mood for sex. Let’s not forget that not everyone has the same needs.

1. Too much stress

When the body enters the state of fight or flight and all it wants is to get rid of stress, sex comes second. It is something we all experience at different stages of our lives, it is just necessary to talk to experts when our functionality is affected.

2. You do not get enough sleep

Lack of sleep affects us on various levels of daily life. Libido is one of them. Try to make a consistent sleep schedule, a bedtime routine that will relax you and, for God’s sake, away from screens and social media before bed.

3. You do not feel comfortable with your body

A serious issue that many women follow and do not eliminate when they grow up. Acceptance of our image and self is an important part of sexuality and it is a pity that shame or self-flagellation is an obstacle because we do not meet beauty standards.

4. Hormones and health issues

The female body is definitely complex and the hormones during the cycle, during pregnancy, and after childbirth is constantly rising and falling. Other possible health issues as well as specific medications can definitely affect the appetite for sex.

5. Trauma of the past

There is a chance that something traumatic has happened to you in the past and it blocks your libido, either sexually or psychologically. Here you need to go deeper, with the help of a specialist, to process your wound and release yourself.

What do we do if we have more libido than our partner?

It has happened to all of us at some point. Someone has more libido and wants to have much more sex than their partner.

What do we do in this case? Do we make the decision that we do not fit into this part and move on with our lives? What we may not know is that the most common issue in relationships is different levels of libido. The issue is how each couple manages and how the balance is achieved so that you are satisfied and there are no frictions in the relationship.

Let’s look at how you can communicate your needs to your partner, without having to make compromises that will deprive you of enjoyment.

Speak openly and honestly

The first step is communication. Low libido can have many explanations. Stress, extreme physical fatigue, some medication, family responsibilities, lack of sleep, and psychological burdens are some classic examples. And you will definitely identify. Ideally, though, ask and do not guess. Things may have happened that you did not even think about and maybe this conversation will improve your love life. Or there may simply be understanding.

Measure your libido

If you can not understand and understand where your difference is, play the following game. Rate your love mood, from 1 to 10, and explain what it means in practice for you. Even if there is a big difference between you, listen to each other and do not judge.

Broaden your horizons

You do not learn it from me, but sex is not just penetration. Physical contact and intimacy can be achieved in a variety of ways and it is a shame to snub them. Make a list of 10 things you find tender and intimate and try them together.

Go out and date!

It is very easy to get into a routine and forget the first time of love. When we were trying new things and going out on a date. But the question is not to leave the relationship and to cultivate it as we can. Instead of staying at home, go out for a drink, for food, and not just talk about work.

Breathes together

Before going to bed, lie down on the bed, look at yourself and take deep breaths. Relax together, learn to connect more and (can) have sex more easily.

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