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People (Specially males) go around saying ""Lucky man this"" and ""Lucky guy that""...

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Arashilrajas 12.05.2020
She hot,13:05-13:25 who?,8:05-8:19 scene or girls,Anyone have the video at 3:30?,Whos at 17:20???,What's mama's name at 4:45,fucking sexy foot wiggle at 9:34,kick to the beat.,07:00,1:48 please full scene,Who are the two girls at 1:22. They hot as hell.,how you expect me to jerk off when while listening to niggas in paris,2:30 girl pls,Now THIS is an endurance trainer.,Well I was fapping already and then halfway put thus on to train, and I almost got there, so it's probably just me thinking of this too late. I will try it again tho.,RIP at 8:20,4:53 name,Who that at 2:18?,Whos the girl at 0:45?,1:23 PLEASE ANYONE!,ez,Girls at 02:27 please,5:05-5:10 who is she?,4:48 girl?,Who is 3:14,I lost as soon as I heard Niggas in Paris come on,Who is at 0:55 twerking on the dick? also wouldnt mind knowing the scene if you know it.,Mmm,Whos at 1:02, 1:32 and 1:45,Who is the girl at 13:05 to 13:25?,Klara,who is girl with dildo at 14:25,Who’s that at 10:45?,Sexy_Aymee,Who are the two hotties from 2:07?
Karr 11.05.2020
"Nice to see her fucking, now she's a total SCAM. Eye rolls, playing with her hair, that's all you get now. DO NOT TIP HER, YOU'RE WASTING YOUR MONEY!!!,Yeah she's a complete subhuman now. People collectively tip like 5,000 before she even considers taking her panties off. Now I just ""steal"" her good content by watching it here lmao.,You get muted in her stream if you call her out on it too,What the fuck. She used to actually get naked on cam?,Looks like this creep finally burned out on camwhoring but couldn't find better paying work since she's still active on the site daily. LMAO, got what she deserved. Now she just sits in a chair pretending to have ograsms, won't even take her panties off most of the time. Occasionally she'll throw her whales a bone by pissing a little in her panties while she pretends to cum.,Right?! It’s so bizarre. I just hope she’s okay.,Yep, regularly. IMO she's one of the prettiest girls on the site, but nowadays she just sits there looking like she wants to die inside.,Im only here because I wanted to see her actually NAKED . Thanks Pornhub !!!,She is not worth the tips............. AT ALL! I watched her entire cam once and she made over 30,000 in tips and all she did was lift her skirt up.......Panties and stomach........ That was all! The panties weren't even that nice!,I saw her CB room the other day omg!! She sits there not even looking at the cam. Its like she is watching TV and getting tipped for it..,She must have been had a bad breakdown or a break up or some shit like that , that made her change so dramatically. Now she looks miserable, and its like shes about loose it any min. Its not her fault people are choosing to tip her. So just let her be. And goto another room man. there is plenty of fish.,Pretty sure she completely burned out on e-thoting but just keeps doing it because she's so worthless to society that she wasn't able to find better paying work.,I agree with u man, but I honestly wonder if it's more serious than that. she never smiles or even moans anymore, and the one time I've heard her speak it sounded... like someone who'd had a bad accident, and I don't think it was just her accent,I think everyone who regularly uses @Chaturbate knows who she is.,what the...she smiles???
Faumi 13.05.2020
nah it was hot fuck em,Dearest me. I think I’m in love of your videos,That was fucked up!,Who's the girl at 2:35?
Akik 11.05.2020
I liked that you respected your followers' ideas when you painted your nails, although I loved them honestly as they were, but your choice of colors was excellent