Live updates: Russia invades Ukraine


Ukrainian officials say the planned evacuation route to assistance civilians leave the northeastern town of Sumy, which has professional sustained Russian attacks and airstrikes in modern days, is now running.

The corridor is in between Sumy and the Ukrainian town of Poltava — a journey of just underneath 100 miles.

“This route has been agreed by the Ukrainian and Russian sides,” Dmytro Lunin, head of the Poltava regional administration, reported on his Telegram channel.

“The ceasefire regime is from 09:00 until 21:00 Kyiv time. Ukraine adheres to it,” he stated.

Lunin added that several dozen buses have already still left Lokhvytsia, a city southwest of Sumy, to select up civilians, and that 20 tons of humanitarian aid, including food and medicine, has also been sent.

“We will welcome individuals, feed them,” Lunin said. “We are evacuating civilians, including foreign college students. Immediately after they will go to the west of the state. Humanitarian assist should also get there in Sumy by means of this humanitarian corridor — food stuff and medicine.”

Some background: The announcement of an evacuation corridor in Sumy arrives after a Russian airstrike on an apartment creating in the town killed 9 civilians, like two children, according to the State Crisis Services (SES) in Ukraine.

On Monday, Ukrainian officers turned down Russia’s unilateral proposal for evacuation corridors for civilians as an unacceptable non-starter, as most of the routes direct to Russia or its staunch ally Belarus and would have to have folks to journey through active places of fighting.

A number of previous attempts to evacuate civilians failed before this 7 days, with Western leaders accusing Russian forces of continuing to goal pre-permitted safe and sound routes.

On Sunday, a Russian strike strike an evacuation crossing position outside the house Kyiv, killing 8 individuals including two youngsters trying to flee.

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